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half (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight at eight. we tell you about terrifying moments on telegraph hill. police say a man attacked a woman last night. breaking into her san francisco home. assaulting and attempting to rape her. police say 25-year-old jovan jones was eventually tracked down. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. that may not have happened so quickly if not for a good samaratan getting involved.
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>> reporter: this is where the san francisco police department says. a 26-year-old woman was assaulted saturday night. alta street. a small road on telegraph hill with no outlets. at night. the woman was entering her home. when 25-year-old jovan jones of marin city snuck up on her. forced his way into the home and threw the woman to the floor. police say he demanded money and some her stuff. then, threatened to kill her and assaulted her. police say someone outside of the home saw what was happening. and called 9-11. when police arrived. investigators say jones jumped off the balcony and ran off. less than an hour and a half later. with help of a california highway patrol helicopter. police tracked jones down a few blocks away from the victim's home on green street. jones was booked into san francisco county jail on 13 felony counts. including aggrevated assault and rape. i spoke with some neighbors in the area. and, they say they are
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saddened to hear about what happened. but are happy to hear jones was caught. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> as we head to weather. here's a live look outside from our kron 4 roof camera. very clear and very cold. i'm here at the weather center with brian. brian a cold snap has hit the bay area. and it seems that we can't quite shake it. >> several more nights in this weather pattern. with a another freeze warning. temperatures a little bit colder tonight and what we have seen last night. the freeze warning has expanded. with all locations with the exception of san francisco sub-freezing temperatures. damage possible to plants, vegetation, record low for this evening. as
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temperatures will get into the 20's and many locations. already pretty cold in the 30's. santa rosa. 30's for a livermore. san jose and the upper 30's. 40's for oakland and as the go for the rest of tonight temperatures will continue to plummet. midnight tonight, the pink showing readings in the '20s and '30s. that is where we will stay for most of the night and tomorrow. take a look at the temperatures at pre- sunrise. plenty of freezing temperatures right at the inland areas. santa rosa, napa. and readings at or above freezing. for the
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south bay, 20's and the santa clara valley. 20's for cupertino, milpitas and how we can finally get some warmer weather. >> in east palo alto, a man is recovering after being stabbed this morning. the stabbing happened at an apartment complex on east police arrested david yun. on suspicion of attempted murder and domesticthey say the two men were partners. the 34-year-old victim was taken to standford hospital where he's being treated for multiple stab wounds. he's in stable condition tonight. six residents were displaced from their home in san jose after a two-alarm fire broke out this afteroon. it happened on higuera road near quail canyon road. firefighters say the two- story house was engulfed in flames when they arrived on scene.
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no one was hurt. however, officials say the house suffered extensive damage, especially the second floor officials are trying to pinpoint what caused the blaze. >> guests staying at the san jose hilton hotel were evacuated this morning. officials say at least one floor of the hotel was cleared out.after police say an unknown substance was sprayed on the 18th floor. the fire department inspected the hotel and allowed guest to return inside an hour and a half later. police say the did not know what the substance was. but declared the hotel is safe for guests. new information is surfacing about the body found at novato disposal in petaluma on friday. the man has been identified as 30-year-old luis gomez- diaz originally from mexico. gomez-diaz lived in both eureka and santa rosa but was currently transient. he would stay with relatives in the santa rosa area periodically and knew people in the petaluma area. gomez diaz was last seen thursday evening in santa rosa. authorities are still trying to determine how gomez-diaz got to petaluma. when he was discovered gomez-diaz was wearing a blue t-shirt. grey hooded sweater. blue jeans. and black tennis shoes. >> after a 113 day lockout the san jose sharks are back
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out on the ice for their first day of training camp. kron4's maureen kelly was there along with some very excited fans. >> the team got a standing ovation. as they came back into their practice rink in san jose. demo it has been kind of boring without hockey. >> we appreciate it, the way that we appreciate them. fan jeff han was made sure to bump fists with every player. in return for that warm welcome. the team raised their sticks in salute to the people who have stuck by them during the long months of the lockout. as the goalies blocked slap
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shots and the stars of the team charged the ice and battled over pucks.the fans wearing teal and balck in the stadium looked on with a mixture of excitement.and relief.that they'll be getting a hockey season after all.even though it will consist of only 48 games instead of 82. and the players themselves looked happy to be back up on skates with their fans back rooting them on. those in the stands today say they have good feelings about how the sharks will perform.after being locked out for so long. we now know the atlanta falcons will face off against the san francisco the fans cannot wait. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> 49ers next sunday. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us some niner's fans wanted seattle to win today, because the nfc champioship game would have been played at the stick instead of in atlanta.
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>> the falcons/seahawks game was a nail bitter. no one shangai kelly's saloon in san francisco knew who was going to win until the very end. >> it was crazy. there were shut out. >> seattle i almost wanted them to come here so we could stop them out so i think that it's just going to run over atlanta. >> i think the forty-niners would rather play atlanta and dan seattle. >> going to different time zones. but i think that it is a better time. i think that it could happen
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>> shots erupt at a southern california movie theater. we'll show you why it happened and who police went after. >> plus the president is being sworn in. we take a look at preparations for the obama inauguration. and a former president ready to walk out of the hospital soon. those stories, coming up.
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>> shots erupted in a san diego movie theater as police apprehended an armed man yesterday. police shot the suspect in the chest after he revealed a hand gun. the man was seen earlier threatening his girlfriend in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant. >> they looked through the
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look for somebody hiding. and as they started to exit that is when it the started. >> and the wind for the exit. police say the man was trying to blend in with movie theater goers. witnesses describe the scene. aheaddespite the dramatic scene. witnesses say there was relatively little chaos. police have yet to identify the suspect who was trasnported to a nearby hospital. he is expected to survive. >> childless couples hoping to adopt. are being put on hold. coming up, we'll find out why russia is banning americans from adopting russian babies. >> warmer weather on the way when we can expect that [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area.
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washington d-c is preparing for president barack obama's inauguration later this month. obama is expected to be officially sworn in for his second term sunday january 20th as the consitution mandates. the public inauguration is scheduled for the following day monday january 21st. obama's inauguration committee announced last week that beyonce will sing the national anthem at the ceremony which will also feature performances from james taylor and kelly clarkson. after more than a month in a houston hospital. former president george h-w bush is close to being discharged. a spokesman said that hospital workers are hopeful that bush will be released in the next couple of days. bush was admitted to the hopsital in late november for bronchitis and ended up staying longer for treatment on a lingering cough and
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fever. during an event yesterday. his son. former florida governor jeb bush. told a crowd about the expected release. during the 41st president's stay he spent a lot of time watching texas football. some of the kennedy clan made a rare appearance in dallas on friday. that's the city where president john f. kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago. rfk, junior said his father, a former u-s attorney general, publicly supported the warren commission that said there was only one gunman involved in the president's death. but, he said privately, his father believed the report was a quote: "shoddy piece of craftsmanship." a lot of the talk was light- hearted, though, with the pair sharing funny stories about growing up in one of the world's most famous families. thousands of people took to the streets of moscow today in a march against the "dima yakovlev law" otherwise known as the russian adoption ban that prevents u-s families from adopting russian children. around 9,500 people took part in the protest according to police. the bill is in response to the u-s act which blacklisted russian officials suspected of involvement in the 2009 death of the anti-corruption lawyer sergey magnitskey. the kremlin is saying that an adoption deal with the u- s will remain in effect until january first 2014. survivors of the costa concordia. the cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of the small island of giglio one year ago today. returned to the island to pay their respects. 32 people were killed in the accident. the captain of the vessel is being accused of manslaughter and is currently awaiting an indictment decision.
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the ship remains on its side off the giglio coast. it now appears that crews will need until september to get it upright and removed. the project is now estimated to cost over 530 million dollars. in the middle east. pakistan is bracing for an enormous weekend march and demonstration this coming monday, calling for sweeping political change. its leader is a controversial islamic scholar who has publicly challenged islamic extremists and is now taking-on his country's elected leaders. jonathan mann reports the indefinitely draw a crowd. however, refusing terrorism. >> terrorism is terrorism. violence is violence. it has no place in islam. >> addressed it's theight extremists, he is taking on his home politicians. and as we get ready for the elections next year. many have been spending time and
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prison. despite his claim of innocence. however, the islamic scholar is taking on the group's through the internet, and will march with millions of supporters. the pakistan's second largest city. police are already planning an historic and already choosing sites, for and against. they are thinking that he is working on country's powerful military. he wants to turn to islam about into the largest tehrer square. they are waiting to see what happens. >> beijing's air pollution reached dangerous levels
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third consecutive day of severe smog. the city's first orange fog warning was issued earlier today due to the decreased visibility brought on by the heavy smog. the pollution is expected to sit above beijing until wednesday when the wind is supposed to pick up and blow the smog away. ten flights were canceled and five were delayed by more than an hour due to the pollution. the fog also forced the >> coming up there are a few things that you probably should not do. coming up in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> if you ever happen to visit the intersection of 2nd and minna in san francisco you might notice a few things. you might notice drivers illegally parked with their park where ever you want lights activated. or drivers actully blocking minna so they can do a driver exchange or maybe blocking the lane to take photos. you might even notice the sheer amount of illegally parked delivery truck on minna as well and is you stick around you might see them get cited. trucks on 2nd street. in this case because of some street work by the water department. but the thing that bugs most of the people i spoke to is what this driver of this laundry locker is about to do.
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just as soon as the other drivers get out the way. it's driving down minna the wrong way, according to viewers it happens quite often drivers driving the wrong way dispite the multiple one way signs. now i'm courious why people do. this lets ask the laundry driver. >> how come you went down a one way street? it saves me time alright thank you. i'm guessing it saves this postal worker time too. neither rain or snow nor one way street will keep the mail from being delivered actually if driver took a quick run arould the block it would only take a minute. you may think you are saving time but if you get caught the fine is somewhere around 300 bucks plus 1 point on your record. and if you cause a colission more then likely
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would be held at fault. not really worth it to save a few seconds now is it. in san francisco-stanley roberts, kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at battle lines are being drawn. coming up we'll take a look at the debate heating up over gun control in america. >> plus - a community still hurting from a grade school massacre. we'll see if newtown students will ever be ready to move back to sandy hook. >> and working the bugs out.we'll find out the status of the boeing dreamliner flying in and out of san jose.
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>> since the newtown, connecticut school shooting. it seems the conversation about gun control gets louder and louder. april williams has the latest details of the debate that has the whole country talking.
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today parents of students who attend sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut gathered to discuss the future of the schools buildings. , one senator is calling on stores for firearms to take the first step. >> i am calling on the retailers to suspend sales
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of modern assault style weapons until congress is able to fully consider and vote on. while solutions are being discussed the new town is still grieving. >> it is going to take a long time. >> in atlanta, kron 4 news. >> today, parents and the students of sandy hook are now attending a different school. 20 children and six adults were killed last month when a gunman burst onto campus and opened fire. the parents gathered today to share their thoughts on what the school grounds should be used for. >> my 3 year old thinks his school is broken and that we're going to fix it. personally my own opinion is i don't want to see the land and the building stay empty and broken. i want to do something with it whether it be a memorial park, i would support that. whether
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it would be building a new safer school with top security. >> some parents called for the school to be torn down. while others said that would be a bad idea. many parents said they couldn't imagine making the traumatized students and teachers return to the scene of the crime. tomorrow there is going to be a town hall meeting on gun control. several parents of the victims are expected to attend the event. >> we're back at the weather center to take a look at temperatures around the bay. brian you warned us about it being cold. but it's just frigid! >> this is a little crazy. temperatures in the 20's. >> freezing. kimberlee chilly tonight. and in the santa clara valley tonight. -really chilly, tonight vicki. and before it really gets cold relief freezing temperatures right now in petaluma. for tomorrow, the sun shine and some cold
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readings out there. freeze warnings for the entire bay area with the exception of san francisco. through the day will see these sunshine and crystal clear blue skies. that sun is not going to warm up that much. tomorrow, just before sunrise with the readings coldest in the north bay valleys, low 20s. 50s in some locations. and even teens tonight, 20's and the east bay/inland. with most locations near the bay are really not going to be quite that warm. freezing. 36 and san francisco, san jose, we are going to be cold. with mid upper 20s forecast. for the santa clara police. 29 degrees. and for the santa clara-valleys. and a san mateo. as we go to the day it is not going to warm up quite that much. 20's and '30's and struggling to get
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to the 40's for the afternoon. the afternoon will only be in the low 50s but there is warmer weather coming. one is going to get here, coming up.
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>> the new boeing 7-87 dreamliner. made it's local debut at san jose airport this week. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. you're looking at the state of the art aircraft that the fly in and out of san jose mineta international airport japan. but already concerns are being raised about the new jetliner. the federal aviation administration is reviewing the dreamliner after several problems were reported this week, including leaking fuel and a fire. rene marsh has more. a week of glitches with the boeing 787 dreamliner has raised questions about safety. >> "i believe this plane is safe and i would have absolutely no reservation of boarding one of these planes and taking a flight." despite the assurances, the government is stepping in to
8:37 pm
figure out what's going on. root causes of these recent events so they won't happen again." the faa's newly sworn-in administrator, michael huerta, ordered a team of experts to scrutinize how the plane was assembled and how its parts were manufactured, with an emphasis on the planes electrical systems. >> "the problems aren't in just one area or one plane. monday: a battery fire in an auxiliary power unit in the belly of one aircraft. tuesday: a fuel leak here because of an open valve." >> "hey, that japan air may know it but they have fuel spewing out the outward left wing quite a bit." while unusual, officials determined it wasn't a wednesday: a signal indicator with the braking system and --friday: a crack in the engine on another. experts say the issues raise questions about whether the faa has an efficient process of certifying planes. >> "the review should continue with the faa looking at their own internal practices on how they certify aircraft to make sure that it is keeping technology aircraft that boeing is building."
8:38 pm
the faa says it logged 200 thousand hours of technical work on the jet and crews took numerous test flights before certifying it was safe. meantime, boeing says these "the 787 in service performance to this point is on par with the past successful commercial airplane introductions." rene marsh >> in world news. wildfires continue to tear through parts of australia and the heat wave is not helping. more than 90 fires are still burning in new south wales. local news media reports the fires have charred more than 860-thousand acres of land. australians have rushed to evacuate, some stayed behind to help save lives and homes. >> a massive landslide in southwest china killed dozens of residents. media outlets in china report 46 villagers, including 19 children were killed friday by a mudslide that swept through the village. you see emergency crews digging through the mud, searchinthe area is prone to earthquakes and heavy rains, making landslides a recurring problem. the local government blames the mudslide on heavly saturated soil from a month of rain and snow. they deny any direct relationship between the landslide and mining activities in the area. >> and in saudi arabia. women moved a bit closer toward equality friday in news agencies reports king abdullah issued decrees that his shura council be composed of at least 20 percent women. the council advises the king on government matters. the new ruling means at least 30 of its 150 members will be women. officials say the king will
8:39 pm
select the members from a number of scholars, experts and specialists. still to come. a look at some of the coolest gadgets from the 2013 consumer electronic show.
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an atlanta area police officer making their morning rounds along the interstate this morning pulled over to inspect a suspicious vehicle on the side of the road. the officer then discovered three dead bodies inside the car. investigators are saying that one of the bodies was inside the trunk. at this point the police aren't giving out any details but they do plan on triple homicide. the georgia bureau of investigation is helping with the case. >> an 84-year-old philadelphia man was killed today after a fire broke out in his home earlier this morning. fire officials say that john blitchford was trapped inside a bedroom when they arrived on scene. one of his neighbors tried to rescue him by busting through a window but was unsuccesful. rescue crews were able to get him out of the building and transport him to a hospital. but he later succumbed to his injuries. the fire department says it doesn't appear there were any working smoke detectors in the house. >> firefighters in port saint john. florida are saying that they have contained a brush fire that burned more than a thousand acres. the fire chief said today that he thinks it was started by a visitor inside the wildlife refuge. a refuge operations specialist said that the fires location is what helped the fire crews get
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it under control so quickly. the fire actually started inside one of the burn units. no one was evacuated from their homes as a result of the fire. >> what's old is new again. coming up in this week's dine and dish - the oldest italian restaurant in america.that went opening its doors again. >> you are going to want to close your doors tonight. with temperatures in the 30's in the 40's in a lot of locations in the 20's. i will let you know on the forecast, coming up.
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>> the world's largest consumer electronics show - c-e-s - is wrapped up in las vegas. throughout the week, kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate has been bringing us the big
8:45 pm
announcements, unveiling's, and the new products getting the most buzz. now it's time to get off the beaten path and show you some of the fun, unique, and bizarre new gadgets to come out of this years c=e=s. >> probably you bottommost eye-catching was the titan oboa it talk thousands of hours that $70,000. and it can crawl forward at 5 mph, with a one hour battery life. that is the point of this thing to learn about battery power. this sponsor was exploring the boundaries of battery life. i think that it was just an experience but it will probably be at the burning man. also, this is a little
8:46 pm
bit more attainable the wheeme dreambot this can be used on any portion of your body with a 4.5 cm per second cruising speed. available at $50. and if this looks to relaxing? perhaps this new rhythm massager is for you. it is connecting to your iphone. and it will synchronized to the music. it is the first- up to physically feel the music. creating your own experience. also, like a personal drivin drum machines . available at $150 pre-order only
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online. and also, this is the i poddy to help children visually entertained while they are toilet training them. the i potty his a number of training applications. the makers do not want anybody to worry about any damage to the tablet so there is a cover. this is available at $40 and available next week >> this cold evening around the bay area. this beautiful shot at city hall. san francisco, the red, the gold, in support of the 49ers. and the championship game next weekend. we are
8:48 pm
planed atlanta. we have temperatures. that are not that cold, yet. 40's. however, want to get away from the bay it is really chilly. pleasanton, concord, still in the low 20s. cold temperatures and we will see tomorrow with a lot of places in the south bay. with possibly in the upper 20s, with freeze warnings in effect with the entire bay area. with the exception of san francisco. these temperatures are having a hard time warming up. despite the fact that we have had a lot of sunshine and blue skies. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. for the rest of this week, we are going to continue to see cold temperatures. the good news is that during the afternoon it will be warmer. with low mid-60s for
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thursday and friday for tomorrow, the possibility coldest morning of the season with low 20s in the north bay. some locations could be in the upper 20 teens and upper 20s in san jose and talk about these cold temperatures. take a look at the sierras. only 10 degrees below zero in the lake tahoe area! 40's and 50's for the bay area tomorrow. and many places are going to see the east of 68 server will not cut out of the 40's for tomorrow. look for low 50s in san leandro, san lorenzo, san francisco. this decrease in petaluma.
8:50 pm
vallejo, 51 and your kron 4 7 day around the bay we are going to stay cold in the mornings. 20's and 30's. but watch for those high temperatures as we go through the week to thursday, friday, eventually getting to the mid '60s. typically, this is a stormy time of year. not even any clouds already for the weekend. >> and call me a sentimental but when a restaurant is over 120 years old and goes away and comes back that gets our attention. now, the will doors are opened with the familiar faces, and he and his wife for the new owners. this is considered the oldest italian restaurant in america. >> we are not a fussy or
8:51 pm
foodie place. over here, when you leave, you are stopped. you do not have to go get pizza when your done. >> just like your mother used to make. >> this was better than my mother's. i always felt that she was the best in the world. >> the homemade pasta with to is fresh every day. and some of the wait staff is the same. >> they treat you like part of the family. and even the customers. some of the original concoctions. >> this is our tiramisu martini and eight negroni. my top picks are the tiramisu, cocktail. and of course the pasta. dine and
8:52 pm
dish. >> coming upcoming up we'll reveal which film took the top spot.
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>> on a weekend ruled by football the golden state warriors found themselves in action today against the denver nuggets. as the divisional round of the n-f-l playoffs comes to an end it featured a match- up between the new england patriots and the houston texans. tom brady became the winningest quarterback in
8:55 pm
postseason history. throwing for three touchdowns and leading the patriots over the texans 41-to-28. the patriots advance to the a-f-c championship game to play the baltimore ravens for the second straight year. this after the ravens beat the broncos 38-to-35 yesterday. the championship game is scheduled to kick off at 3:30 next sunday after your san francisco 49ers take on the atlanta falcons at noon. >> tighe end vernon ddavis pediatric patients
8:56 pm
>> take a look, gallery 85. this is his art gallery. all of his proceeds go to the vern and davis foundation. >> i want to make sure that these children have the idea that they can use art. >> did you have a moment when do not have a chance or to do think that you did not have any other alternatives? >> that is correct. until i changed my major in college. i felt free. during that time. i thought t could give back and change lives and tell children that it is okay to pursue art. >> his name is to make art
8:57 pm
school for kids. >> if i can reach out to make sure that they are able to do it. >> the weekend box office. and zero dark thirty with 24 million dollars and the warner bros squad is 3rd at $17 million. and today was the no pants day on bart and muni and last year was over 600 people... participating.
8:58 pm
the goal was just to get people to get an improv. >> it is going to be cold if you have thought about doing that earlier today! >> we will see you at 11:00 p.m.
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